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Micro Bikini Craze

Over the past 50 years women s swim wear has changed dramatically. We have gone from a period of women frequenting bathing spots fully clothed to women going to the beaches with barely anything on at all. However throughout these different eras in fashion one swimsuit item has remained consistently popular and ever changing along with the needs and desires of the modern woman and that s the bikini. The bikini trend escalated in 1960 when the song Yellow Polka Dot Bikini sang by Brian Hyland became an international hit. Since that time the bikini has become a common staple in the works of fashion designers all over the world.

Recently however a new style of bikini has emerged that has gained worldwide attention and that s the Micro Bikini. Micro bikinis have escalated in popularity over the last few years by women looking for a more daring look while traveling to their favorite sun bathing sites. With the recent craze over the micro bikini women can express themselves emphatically while wearing one of these small wonders. The micro bikini can accommodate any situation whether it s a fast paced party environment casual encounter or intimate relation. One of the most fantastic components to having a micro bikini is the sheer reality that owning one can make your body look fabulous. It s no surprise that women stemming from all over the world rush to their fashion outlets looking for a micro bikini that matches their particular lifestyle.

At the present time the micro bikini is perhaps the most popular beachwear around the globe. The micro bikini varies in style cut and amount of coverage that they offer which is a pertinent determining factor in the way women shop for their particular bikini. Depending on the type of coverage that a woman wants the micro bikini allows her to be totally individual with the detail of micro bikini she desires. The micro bikini allows for great versatility and flexibility for today s active woman. Many of today s female athletes movie stars and models add to the fashionable popularity of owning a micro bikini.

In a manner of speaking the micro bikini is a meaningful token in the lives of many of today s most elaborate and outspoken women that choose to own a piece of clothing that shows off their unique character and personality. The current micro bikini craze is rampant throughout the world with many European and American fashion designers clawing to develop the most flourishing and affective micro bikini to satisfy the wants and needs of our generation. Plain and simple they are selling like hot cakes and to own a micro bikini means to own a definitive part of the current era of fashion. Many women proclaim owning a micro bikini makes them feel beautiful and elegant which is their right. Why wouldn t you want to own a piece of clothing that makes you feel admirable and attractive?
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Making Your Own Poncho By Crocheting (Page 1 of 2)

You can now make a fashion statement with your crocheted project. Crochet ponchos are getting more popular nowadays even with celebrities. Its soft texture and stylish design makes it a must to include in your wardrobe.

If you are into crocheting you can make your own poncho that will fit you perfectly and suit your taste. There are several designs and patterns available in the World Wide Web that you can access and follow for your personal use. Here are some examples of the different crochet poncho designs that you can choose

Adult Poncho Sweater. This poncho pattern from Emerald Moon Creations is a sexy kind of poncho sweater as it has the curve in the right place. It has a wide neckline with sleeves falling just above the elbow and a v shaped wavy bottom edges.

Arizona Poncho. This wide poncho from Brons Fiber Stuff is more like a rectangular poncho. When laid flat it looks like a huge piece of crocheted square pattern with a hole in the middle. This one is simple and easy to make.

Asymmetrical Cross Stitch Poncho. From Craftown and contributed by a certain designer named Cristina Heredia this asymmetrical poncho is striking because of the color used. It uses the cross stitch pattern and can easily be followed even by beginners. This crochet poncho is like a simple rectangular one but with one side pointed or longr than the other.

Bead trimmed Crochet Poncho. Here is a different variation of the usual poncho. It looks light and very comfortable to wear. What makes it different are the bead trimmings on the bottom edges of the poncho. It is easy to do yet the output is elegant looking.

Beauty in Bloom Poncho. This light blue wide necked ponchette is very lady like. Its length just reaches slightly above the waistline. It also has dark blue flower patterns just below the neckline. A free pattern for this crochet poncho can be found in Crochet Pattern Central.

Gentle Ripples Poncho. A crochet poncho good for plus sized women this one has a simple A type cut that falls up to the thighs. The ripple pattern used is easy to follow even a beginner can do. This one is designed by the Crochet bythehook site owner named Dot.

Black and White Poncho. This all v shaped black and white crochet poncho is ideal during the colder months. Its stitches are close together that will surely give you the softness and warmth you need during winter. The pattern for this crochet poncho is found at Crochetlady s page in Angel Fire.

Springtime Poncho. Designed by Marie of Crochet Me this spring inspired poncho is ideal for bigger women. It has a low neckline that falls like the shape of a bell. This one is ideal to wear during the warmer months as it has wide spaced stitches. Those who want a much smaller size for this design just need to use a smaller hook.

Petite Poncho. This petite crochet poncho is for your little ones. It has an almost off shoulder neckline with stitches that ends up to the midrib then tied to form groups of strands to form the bottom design. It is definitely easy to follow and makes your little girls prettier than ever.
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Ztropin Review

There are many options on the market today when searching for a good HGH replacement product. You can find hundreds of them in health food stores vitamin stores and online. Many of them are very beneficial and offer good value while others are cheaply formulated and not worth the money. One of the best ones available today is Ztropin HGH. This Ztropin review will provide you with some information on this amazing product.

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is created naturally in the body by the pituitary gland. The production of HGH begins to slow down after the teen years and slows down dramatically after 25 or 30. By age 60 HGH levels are approximately 80 % less than they were at age 20. This decreased production of HGH can lead to lower metabolic rate increased body fat weakened immune system loss of sex drive and more. Replacing HGH is one of the best way to stay as young as possible.

By exercising eating healthy and maintaining proper weight you can help to keep HGH levels as high as possible. But none of the factors can completely counter the effects of aging. Your body needs a little boost to raise and maintain your HGH levels. This is why you can benefit from a product like Ztropin it is one of the best anti aging products you can buy.

Ztropin is a blend of quality natural ingredients that will contribute to rising HGH levels and is manufactured in a FDA certified lab. It contains ingredients such as Alpha GPC GABA L Arginine L Glutamine L Lysine and many more. Ztropin is a proprietary blend of potent natural ingredients that has been created for maximum safety and effectiveness. It is taken as a spray and held under the tongue in the morning and before you go to sleep. The ingredients are quickly absorbed by the body to allow the product to start working immediately.

There are many possible benefits to taking this supplement. Increased HGH levels can keep the weight off that is often gained as we age. It is also believed that it may actually help with weight loss. HGH supplementation can also help reduce the effects of aging muscles bi increasing and improving muscle mass. It increases libido and the immune system and some studies have even indicated the possibility that it may decrease the appearance of wrinkles. Buy Ztropin HGH to regain your youthful vigor health stamina libido and strength.
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1950s Vintage Fashion - A Decade Of Style (Page 1 of 2)

The 1950 s were exciting years in the world of fashion. Following a period of imposed frugality during the war the media was highlighting glamour that had never been seen before so widely and the effects that Hollywood would have on the way that women dressed during this period was to create an impact that no one could have anticipated.

The early fifties saw the introduction of more ladies into the workplace and the styles that were created for day to day wear included suits with a tailored look skirts that hugged waistlines and blouses that were worn discreetly under tailored jackets that were pulled in at the waist to give a flattering and glamorous look that accentuated shape and style.

The hourglass figure became the ideal as stylised by actresses like Marilyn Monroe or took on the Audrey Hepburn demure and sophistication. Gone were the financial restraints of the war torn world and the availability of materials was widened meaning that the beginnings of mass production of affordable fashion was guaranteed to be a success.

The Festival of Britain exhibition in 1951 was to exhibit fabrics that had never been used before in the western world and the beginnings of a new era that was to shape the fashion industry s future began from humble beginnings though flourished because women were no longer thought of as housewives and although many remained faithful to the society image of the mother in the home a certain element of glamour became not only the norm but an acceptable part of life for women all over the world.

Higher standards of manufacture were employed by companies like Marks and Spencer whose trademark for producing quality items shone and the high streets began to sport those designs that had otherwise been beyond the price bracket of ordinary people many of whom had resorted to making their own clothing simply because of lack of availability.

Designers of the times such as Dior and Givenchy went away from the traditional towards new beginnings introducing shapes that emphasised the silhouette of a woman s shape rather than boning clothing in the uncomfortable manner of the 40s realising that women wanted glamour though also wanted functional clothing that was more comfortable and easier to wear.

The world was looking at example and nowhere was this more common than here in England where a man named Hartnell designed the clothing that would be worn by the young Princess Elizabeth who would be crowned in the early fifties and was appearing on television in homes all over the globe influencing the way people perceived fashion available to the masses whereas once it had only been available to those that could afford designs by Fashion houses like Christian Dior.

The fifties brought a new prosperity to the world and also the vision of Hollywood greats and the availability of cinema as one of the most popular forms of entertainment which would influence women worldwide to the glamorous looks and style of their favourite stars.
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Love Tarot Readings and The Devil Tarot Card

Perhaps one of the most frightening cards within a love Tarot reading is the Devil Tarot card. The image of the Devil invokes fear uncertainty and hesitation. Having said that in most love Tarot readings the Devil Tarot card is usually misinterpreted. The Devil Tarot card should not be interpreted literally. In reality it is a metaphor for our own behaviors and attachments to others. In love Tarot readings the Devil can serve as a messenger. Its presence warrants reflection along with a willingness to explore our own behaviors and relationships to other people.

Customarily the Tarot card meanings of the Devil Tarot Card refer to issues of materialism and selfishness. It is a indicator that one might be misusing their energy or influence. It also refers to over indulgence and the urge to please one’s most primitive desires. The Devil Tarot card encourages one to go within their shadow self and to learn how to become self aware of their most inner desires. Inevitably one must deal with these desires and learn to master them. The Devil reminds us that if we are not knowledgeable of our personal behaviors we will be enslaved by them.

In love Tarot readings the Devil Tarot card often refers to one’s emotional reliance upon their romantic relationship. Essentially the Devil Tarot card is the card of co dependency. When one becomes fully dependent upon ones own companion they eliminate their personal independence. In love Tarot the Devil can suggest that your attachments may be too dependent upon another.

An additional suggestion of the Devil Tarot card in love Tarot readings is its relation to someone’s past. Often these are the cases where relationships of the past have ended poorly or have yet to be fully processed. In such a case there usually is an unhealthy bond or damaging projection into an individual s current romantic relationship. The Devil Tarot card is really a reminder that one has ended up being enslaved by one’s past and that their existing romantic relationship might be determined by older pains which have not been emotionally worked through.

The Devil urges a person to discover the nature of one s current romantic relationship. This certainly is the chance to ask yourself if your relationship is in good condition. Are you feeling trapped or enslaved? Do you think you may be repeating old behaviors? Is the relationship driven by old childhood expectations that were never the met? Are you selecting to remain in an unhealthy relationship because you are attempting to alleviate a previous wound?

In love Tarot the Devil Tarot card urges us to grow and become conscious. It is really a card that warrants understanding and self observation. The Devil expects us to search within and investigate our personal urges and expectations. Are we enslaved by them? If that s the case exactly how may we release ourselves? When dealing with romantic relationships the Devil reminds us that we have the power to choose the kind of relationships we desire. The Devil Tarot card reminds us that we should always be willing to battle our reservations and former injuries in order to obtain personal freedom and fulfillment.
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Remington 1100 Tactical 4 Review

Remington Arms Company Inc. was founded in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington in Ilion New York as E. Remington and Sons. It is the oldest company in the United States which still makes its original product and is the oldest continuously operating manufacturer in North America.

It is the only U.S. Company which produces both firearms and ammunition domestically and is the largest U.S. producer of shotguns and rifles. After a 12 year absence in the handgun market Remington announced the Model 1911 R1 in April 2010 slated to be available through select independent dealers beginning June 2010.

The last handgun produced by Remington Arms the Model XP 100R ceased production in 1998. Its products are distributed in over 60 foreign countries making its base wider than those of its competitors.
Remington has also developed or adopted more cartridges than any other gun maker or ammunition manufacturer in the world.

Remington is part of the Freedom Group owned by Cerberus Capital Management.The Remington 1100 tactical is a gas operated semi automatic shotgun popular among sportsmen and law enforcement military officials.

Designed by Wayne Leek the Remington Model 1100 tactical was introduced in 1963 as a successor to the Model 58 and 878 gas operated shotguns. It found immediate high levels of acceptance due to a significant reduction in felt recoil excellent handling characteristics and reliability.

The Model 58s had supplanted the recoil operated Model 11 48 which retained the long recoil action of John Browning s original design present in the Remington Model 11 and the Auto 5. All models of the 1100 tactical are gas operated with a mechanism that noticeably reduces recoil.

Several variations of the Remington 1100 Tac 4 in 12 20 and 28 gauges and .410 bore are still in production as of 2011. The Remington Model 1100 tactical ushered in the era of truly successful and reliable gas actuated auto loading shotguns and it is the best selling auto loading shotgun in U.S. history.

When it was introduced in 1963 the Remington 1100 tactical was an immediate success with skeet shooters in particular. The gas operated action of the model 1100 tactical reduced felt recoil. The 1100 tactical is also a popular trap shotgun. Versions with high ribs and Monte Carlo stocks are available.
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Male Gigolo's 8 Essentials to Guarantee a Win with Your Client Every Time

Male Escort to the elite world while Gigolo to the unscrupulous this profession requires greater endurance strength than one might imagine. Being a Male escort requires virtues that even Adonis might fail.

A Gigolo is not a mere object of desire lust. Though these attributes do have to be displayed as and when required a male escort has to imbibe much more than good looks. Being an escort means understanding what women desire. This basic understanding into the women’s psyche enables male escorts to offer them what they crave.

Be Sensitive Observant.
Male escorts have to be able to bond gel with the females they serve. This begins with the ability to make a mental note what the women’s state of mind body is at that particular time. Simple pleasure may not be what the woman might be looking for in a gigolo. Women are in various stages of emotional turmoil at any given stage of time they seek the company of a male escort. It could also be purely for company. But the escort has to understand this without the women having to spell it out for him.

The Magic of Charm Charisma.
It is the male escorts’ duties to be charming at all times sweep their clients of their feet with their charisma. It is the escorts’ most basic requirement to make the women they serve feel young beautiful secure and carefree.

Listening is not Dead.
Above all the gigolo must also possess the scare art of listening attentively to a woman as she is pouring out her heart to you. Being empathetic without exhibition of sympathy is a vial skill that a gigolo should possess.

The Air of Confidence.
If a man wants to work as a male escort or a gigolo he must possess the nerves of steel heart of kind prince. He must possess the strength of a bull yet the embrace of soft warm sunshine.

The Mysterious Character.
Women crave a lot more than physical intimacy from a gigolo. They want excitement being with a man that is filled with mystique. Being intimate yet maintaining that aura of secretiveness will drive the women crazy for that man that is the skill that that an aspiring gigolo should live breath always.

Understanding Body Language.
Above all sincerity in the approach is a must since women are quite intuitive into the subtle nuances of human body language can easily judge whether the male escort is genuinely interested in making her happy or is just playing his part.

Good Mannerliness Goes a Long Way.
Chivalry is yet another attribute that men around the world take for granted is dead for a modern women. Well any aspiring gigolo will only crash burn if he commits such a career ending mistake.

Develop a Set of Skills.
Being a good dancer will not only offer a gigolo great insights into the likes dislikes of his clients but also ensure that he caters to their fantasies to absolute perfection.

After all a Gigolo is not a mere objection of physical desire he all that women desire fantasize in a man
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Top Tips For How To Gain Weight Fast For Skinny Girls

Do you believe that getting into weight gain could be a quick way to have a fit and sexy body? If you are one of those who can t wait to put on weight bellow I ll reveal some healthy weight tips for you explaining how to gain weight fast for skinny girls.
Although there are many ways in which a skinny girl can reshape her body she must focus on two main directions the first is to eat right while the other if she has not tried it yet is exercise.
Now it s time to show you some helpful tips on
how to gain weight fast for skinny girls and women

1 If you want to eat foods to gain weight you must pay attention to the number of carbohydrates fats and proteins found in your food intake. None of these come from junk food so if you want to know what the right ones are read on further
You have to choose clever by eating foods which contain healthy fats like omega 3 fatty acids which can be found in salmon tuna flax and walnuts. Very important for muscle growth you have to increase your protein intake from foods like lean meat poultry products legumes nuts and seeds. At last you will need carbohydrates that can be found in fruits vegetables and whole grains.

2 Do not eat too much fattening foods you ll probably gain weight around the middle section while the rest of your body remains skinny.
For this never happen you should combine a well balanced diet for thin people with exercising on a daily basis.

3 Another important matter to gain weight is eating five or six meals per day instead of
the eating three large ones this way your body will assimilate a higher amount of nutrients.

4 There are several tips around the web on how to gain weight fast for skinny girls claiming we should avoid taking supplements. Wrong In order to gain weight quickly you should mix your diet and exercise for skinny people with weight gain
supplements. Let me be clear supplements are just that supplements they are meant to add that 10 15% extra but they can t replace good nutrition.

5 Working out for about 20 minutes would be just fine for health although those who want to sweat it out and put on weight should try to exercise at least 1 hour a day five times a week.

6 You should be aware that aerobic type exercises and treadmills are good for strengthen heart and burning calories not for gaining weight.

7 A big mistake many girls trying to gain weight fast make is to use lighter weights believing this will help to add more muscles. You must lift heavy enough weights which limit your repetitions to between 4 8 per set. If you can perform more that’s the signal you need to increase the weight.

8 Considering that it takes some time for your muscles to recover after a workout you should make sure to getting at least 8 hours of deep sleep this will help ensure faster progress. Even a good nutrition and proper exercise will not work well without adequate rest.

9 Finally being positive is something that you should always do. If you are serious about doing something make sure that you believe in all that you can do and you will see how the law of attraction can work best for you.
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Trendy Formal Wear For Busty Women

Gone are the days when there were not many choices of clothes for busty women. But today things are on the other side from offline till online there is an exhibition of plus size women apparel. Exclusive formal and informal plus size wears have given a new definition and meaning to the fashion world.

Designers have realized that the scope for plus size dresses is very wide. It will keep on increasing continuously. Like for other women in general there is a large assortment of dresses for busty women made especially for them. It includes all types of clothing of all styles fabrics cuts designs etc. Now curvy women are not different than other women and can enjoy same flavors like others. There are many shops showrooms online stores that specialize in plus sized clothing effortless beauty and have wide varieties of full figured fashions. Also there are many upcoming styles that are hitting the fashion market by topping. It’s time to celebrate your figure with trendy attires.

Formal wear for plus size women have become the talk of the town. They have made a great impact on the designers creative thinking since the time their potential has been realized. These mind blowing exclusive formal wears are progressing incredibly at a greater pace. In formal occasions full figured women don’t have to hide under their clothes. There are many dresses that makes plus size women to look fabulous while allowing them to show off assets. Carefully designed formal wears enhances the figure and makes one feel confident about the appearance. But while selecting a formal dress keep certain things in mind that will help in choosing.

1 Foremost important thing that needs to be checked is the fit of the dress. Right fit flatters the figure while ill fitting can make you look bulgier. 2 Second essential thing is whether dress is performing its task of enhancing the assets or not. Right formal dress is the one which gives decent shape to all the veers and camouflage the flaws. This quality will stand you out from the crowd regardless of the type of dress you choose. 3 Black dress is looked at best for formal occasions and best friend of curvy women. Good thing about it is that it does not over emphasize chest. Also many styles are available in it. 4 Empire waist dresses are considered best for plus size women. It is a high waistline dress that falls just under the breasts to show off your bust while hiding figure blemishes. 5 Busty women should choose v neckline for the dress. These work best for them. If want to show more cleavage should opt a dress with a jewel neckline. 6 Last but not the least trial. Certainly try the dress on yourself before making a final purchase. Look and comfort are the two factors that decide whether the dress is right for you or not?

Finding a plus size formal dress is no more a challenge. It’s very easy to get them just the thing is you should know where to look for them. Whatever your choice is classic or stylish you are sure to get formal wear of your choice that is both fashionable and affordable. Besides all these things self confidence is the most important thing that makes you confident about your appearance and gets notice. Shopping for plus size formal wear is no more a difficult task rather it’s enjoyable and even fun
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Alexander Wang Stripe Rib Knit Sweater Dress
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Do Rebound Relationships Move To The Next Level?

You have just broken up with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend and the relationship may have left you with a bitter taste in your mouth. The top most things on your mind are probably jumping into a new relationship to spite your ex for all the wrongs they committed. Well a rebound relationship can be described as a relationship one gets into a few days to several months after breaking up with their partners. Rebound relationships most of the times fail for several reasons however there are always two sides to a story. Some rebound relationships actually work and move to the next level. We will look into why rebound relationships fail as well as why some rebound relationships work and move to the next level. We will also end up seeing what the importance of new relationship advice is.

The first reason why rebound relationships fail is because one of the partners gets into the new relationship for the wrong reasons and with wrong intentions. The partner who is on rebound may be out to prove a point to their ex and this could end up hurting their new partner and the relationship ends even before it starts. The other party who is not on rebound will definitely get hurt when they discover they were being used as a vengeance tool. New relationship advice will help the partners know if they are entering the relationship for the right reasons.

The other reason that rebound relationships fail is because of baggage carried from the previous relationship. The partner on rebound may still have unresolved issues which they may carry into the new relationship this ends up hurting their new partner and may lead to the death of the relationship.

It s not wrong to compare notes from your previous relationship but this should be a private affair something that the person on rebound should do in their mind and not bring out in the open. It is humiliating to be compared to another person for whatever reason because each and every person is a unique personality with their pros and cons.

Why would a rebound relationship work you may wonder it is a very rare occurrence however some rebound relationships do work for several reasons. You may have kissed enough frogs and you may have finally met your soul mate. This sounds like a fantasy but it is a reality and does happen when the two partners in the new relationship share common goals and are agreeable the rebound relationship can work because both parties appreciate each other and do not take each other for granted. Rebound relationships may work especially if the two partners have been friends for a long time and understand each other. This is because they already share a common goal and are comfortable with one another.

For a new relationship to work especially a rebound one both parties should be willing to give it time to grow and have open and constant communication. Whatever you do treat others the same way you would like them to treat you. At the end of the day you need some new relationship advice for you to make it.
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